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Cliff Scaffoldings (P) Limited manufacturer and supplier of Scaffolding Systems, Couplers, Scaffolding Tubes/ Pipes , Scaffolding Boards , Wall form work, Adjustable jacks, Props, Accessories & fitting
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The tie rod we manufacture gets heavily utilized in hydraulic press, power press, injection moulding machine and many more. Our tie rod is made to carry tensile loads for its capacity. The highly capable tie rods are made strong enough to bear the rigors of daily driving. While driving, the car will require a heavy duty tie rod to effectively lend support to the car’s under chassis.

Tie rods allow a variety of applications in formwork tie systems. They have a cut threading and are available in 6 Mtrs. length or as per length required. Tie rods have been developed for reinforced concrete and tying applications, Offering an economical solution where threaded joints or couplers are required. 

Tie rods arc threaded along their entire length, to allow the bear to be cut to the Required length on site, as necessary. Tie thread form is a cut right-hand thread with a coarse pitch that is robust and which allows easy assembly.

Tie Rods Fitting
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