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Cliff Scaffoldings (P) Limited manufacturer and supplier of Scaffolding Systems, Couplers, Scaffolding Tubes/ Pipes , Scaffolding Boards , Wall form work, Adjustable jacks, Props, Accessories & fitting
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Cantilever Frame

Cantilever Frames support the formwork beyond the external periphery of the slab. The frames have blade ends for locating in the cup joint & accept adjustable jacks in three positions of 1.2m, 1.25m & 1.3m.

Engineered to support normal access loads and stop-end forms; a safety device is incorporated locking that they cannot be dislodged when striking. Provision is made

Scaffolding Cantilever Frame


Lift Height

1250 mm

1.5 M

1250 mm

1.0 M

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