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Cliff Scaffold is specialized in the production and export of high precision Adjustable Jacks in the international market. We are one of the reputed Base Jack Manufacturers in the country. Our range of adjustable Jack includes Base Jack, U Head Jack and Universal Jack. They are used at the bottom of the scaffold to provide an additional adjustment. We manufacture these Jacks from optimal raw materials making them highly endurable and long lasting in nature. We are also counted among the major Jack Exporters and Suppliers from India.

CLIFF Adjustable Scaffolding Props/Jacks

CLIFF Adjustable Scaffolding Props/Jacks

CLIFF Light Duty, Middle Duty and Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks Are Popular Used for Slab Formwork and Shuttering Support.

There are Painted, Pre-galvanized and Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Jack Props.

CLIFF Light Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks are Popular Used in Civil Construction Slab.

CLIFF Middle Duty & Heavy Duty Adjustable jacks are used in Industrial Construction, Infrastructure Construction like Bridge Etc, Which Can load High Capacity in Concreting.

CLIFF Scaffolding Jack Max Adjustable Height is Customized According to Slab and Beam Formwork Height from 3.0m to 5.5mtr.

Steel Grade for Inner Tube and Outer Tube of Adjustable Scaffolding Jack Can Be S210 and S355 & are also Customized as per customer requirements.

CLIFF Tube Size for Light Duty props

Inner Tube OD48.3x1.6-2.0mm
Outer Tube OD60.3x1.80-2.00mm

CLIFF Middle Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Inner Tube OD48.3x2.4mm
Outer Tube OD60.3x2.4mm

CLIFF Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Jacks

Inner Tube OD48.3x2.8-4.0mm OD60x3.0-4.0mm OD76x3.0-4.0mm
Outer Tube OD60.3x2.8-4.0mm OD76x3.0-4.0mm OD80x3.0-4.0mm

Please contact a sales representative about availability of different sizes.

Post Shores

Post Shores

These are Heavy Duty Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Props with Heavy Duty Inner Tube, Outer Tube. Load Shoring Post is Used in Heavy Duty Load Requirement of Concrete Formworks.

According to Required Shoring Post Height and Safety Load Capacity, Shoring Post Jacks Inner Tube Size which can be OD48.3mm, OD60mm, OD63mm, OD76mm.

While the Shoring Post Outer tube is OD60mm, OD76mm, OD89mm.

Adjustable Shoring Jacks Can be Painted, Power Coated or Hot Dip Galvanized.

O.D 48 | OD 60mm Shoring Post Prop

Items Adjustable Height Inner Tube Size (mm) Outer Tube Size
CLIFF Post Shore SIze No.0# 1.05m-1.83m OD48.3 x 1035 OD60 x 1030
CLIFF Post Shore SIze No. 1# 1.65m-2.72m OD48.3 x 1750 OD60 x 1670
CLIFF Post Shore SIze No. 2# 1.97m-3.35m OD48.3 x 1970 OD60 x 1680
CLIFF Post Shore SIze No. 3# 2.58-3.96m OD48.3 x 2580 OD60 x 1680
CLIFF Post Shore SIze No. 4# 3.2m-4.87m OD48.3 x 3190 OD60x 2120

These are popular in USA with O.D 1.91" Inner Tube | O.D 2.38" Outer Tube Shoring Post

Items Length External Tube Internal Tube
CLIFF Shoring Post Size 0# 3'6"-6' 2.38"x0.09"x32.17" 1.91"x0.126"x41.65"
CLIFF Shoring Post Size 1# 5'9"-10'3" 2.38"x0.09"x50.94" 1.91"x0.126"x66.73"
CLIFF Shoring Post Size 2# 6'6"-11' 2.38"x0.09"x52.28" 1.91"x0.126"x77.48"
CLIFF Shoring Post Size 3# 8'6"-13' 2.38"x0.09"x62.28" 1.91"x0.126"x101.5"
CLIFF Shoring Post Size 4# 10'6"-15'6" 2.38"x0.09"x68.62" 1.91"x0.126"x125.5"

O.D 2.5" Inner Tube | O.D 3" Outer Tube Shoring Post

Items Length External Tube Internal Tube
CLIFF Load Shoring Post 0# -American Type 3'6"-6' 2.5"x0.137"x32.17" 3"x0.12"x41.65"
CLIFF Load Shoring Post 1# -American Type 5'9"-10'3" 2.5"x0.137"x50.94" 3"x0.12"x66.73"
CLIFF Load Shoring Post 2# -American Type 6'6"-11' 2.5"x0.137"x52.28" 3"x0.12"x77.48"
CLIFF Load Shoring Post 3# -American Type 8'6"-13' 2.5"x0.137"x62.28" 3"x0.12"x101.5"
CLIFF Load Shoring Post 4# -American Type 10'6"-15'6" 2.5"x0.137"x68.62" 3"x0.12"x125.5"